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  • OEM Replacement Parts:  Non-generic, low volume, perishable, machine tool replacement parts.

    • Part research and analysis

      • Determine best price, delivery, and quality.

      • Confirm part and supplier viability and availability.

      • Assist with warranty claims.

    • Inventory management

      • Confirm and facilitate receipts.

      • Create or enhance master catalogs for SAP

    • Reduce customer's inventory dollars

      Track part usage and set safety stock.
    • Reverse Engineering.

    • Bill of Material analysis and procurement.

  • OEM Machine Tool Service:  Manage in-plant service transactions for machine tools and various production related equipment.

  • Forklift spares, Construction Materials, and Building Supplies:  OEM and generic, perishable replacement parts for all types of forklift trucks and material handling equipment as well as tools, supplies, and materials for the construction industry.

  • Construction and Engineering Services facilitated purchases:  Manage facility and engineering-related services transactions.

  • Plant floor I.T. Equipment and Service:  OEM, generic, and custom I.T. related items, i.e. wireless radios, keyboards, control panels, specialty software packages, telecom, electrical, etc. as well as service on all of the aforementioned.

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