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Engine Belts

Over the years, as Global Parts & Maintenance has specialized in a variety of different commodities and procurement services. Below our main areas of specialization are listed. 

OEM Replacement Parts 

Non-generic, low volume, perishable, machine tool replacement parts.

  • Part research and analysis

  • Determine best price, delivery, and quality.

  • Confirm part and supplier viability and availability.

  • Assist with warranty claims.

  • Inventory management

  • Confirm and facilitate receipts.

  • Create or enhance master catalogs for SAP.

  • Reduce customer's inventory dollars.

Forklift spares, Construction Materials, and Building Supplies 

 OEM and generic, perishable replacement parts for

  • Forklifts

  • Trucks

  • Fleets and vehicles

Material handling equipment as well as tools, supplies, and materials for the construction industry.

Construction and Engineering Services Facilitated Purchases

We oversee transactions related to facility and engineering-related services.

Plant Floor I.T. Equipment and Service

OEM, generic, and custom I.T. related items

  • wireless radios

  • keyboards

  • control panels

  • specialty software packages

  • telecom

  • electrical

OEM Machine Tool Service ​

Manage in-plant service transactions for machine tools and various production related equipment.


Global Parts & Maintenance has the ability to track part usage and safety stock. We can be leveraged to ensure your stock is up to date, and ensure assembly lines and other vital operations are up and running.

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