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Creative Procurement 

With a forward-thinking approach, Global Parts and Maintenance boasts over 25 years of expertise in the manufacturing industry. Our foundation is built on three core competencies: Customized solutions, On-site support, and High-volume order capacity. Committed to delivering outstanding service, knowledge, and support, our dedicated team manages the intricacies of details, negotiations, and a vast network of contacts, simplifying our customers' supply chain with precision and excellence.


GP&M's core business operates following Three Unique competencies. 

Customized Solutions

Competitive Sourcing, Procurement, Part Scrubbing, BOM Analysis, Inventory Management, Etc.

On-Site Support

We provide boots on the ground, in-person support to help solve problems 

High Volume Order Capacity

We can process up to 1000+ orders a month to suit your companies needs

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